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Rolling microcrystal panel production line
  NingJin County xin feng chemical co., LTD. Main products industryRolling microcrystal panelMaterial、Microcrystalline cast stone plate、Cast stone plate series、Ultra-high molecular weight polyethyleneUHMW-PEPlate series,Company research and development of all kinds of wear-resistant products are widely used in cement、Building materials、Metallurgy、Mine、Thermal power plant、Ceramics、Refractory industry such as ball mill ultrafine powder preparation system and processing equipment,Products with high strength、High hardness、High wear resistance、Resistance to high temperature、Impact resistant、In the majority properties such as low broken rate,Can greatly improve the production capacity of enterprises、Reduce the production cost of enterprises、Reduce the labor intensity of workers。
The company produces four series wear-resistant plate,Every big series6A specification,Can also according to customer requirements,The production of various specifications、Various types of guide rail、Conducting bar、The slider、To meet the user's requirements。
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ProfessionalRolling microcrystal panelThe manufacturer-NingJin County xin feng chemical co., LTD,The price is materially beneficial,Excellent service,Process synchronization with Europe and the United States and other countries,Choose materials,Ensure the quality of the products。
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